Monday, August 03, 2009

Nail Polish For Fall 2009: Zoya Truth And Dare

The seasonal nail polish collections from Zoya are always a lot of fun, bringing trendy colors alongside updated versions of beautiful classics. Truth & Dare for fall 2009 are no exception, and the colors are, indeed, playful and very pretty. Truth is a group of six bright metallic colors that make for a good transition from summer to early fall. Lately, I've been wearing Drew, a metallic mauve-raspberry/rose shade which is my favorite out of this group (for now).

Dare might be the most beautiful nail polish collection I've seen lately. Some of the colors are opaque cream, others have subtle shimmer. Ibiza is the very trendy indigo/navy shimmer. It looks stunning and I'm glad to have it even if I can't see myself actually leaving the house wearing this color. I just stare at this color again and again and admire it. Envy, a creamy dark forest green with a very light shimmer is beautiful and elegant. It doesn't scream "green" and it simply looks great. Pinta is a very interesting blue violet. The photo taken with the flash show more of the purple, while in the ones in natural light, the polish looks almost navy. The truth is somewhere in the middle. My current favorite is Demi, a rich mauve-purple. It's very opaque, two coats are perfect, but one looks decent enough when in a hurry.

As always, Zoya nail polish is of the highest quality (flawless application, impressive durability), while free of the most harmful chemicals.

Zoya Truth & Dare collections ($6 per bottle) are available from select salons and from the company's website, I received them as a PR freebie.

All photos by me.


  1. The Truth and Dare collections are driving me wild. I must not be the only one because the Zoya website is really sloooooow. Plus, there is a twitter code good through today (I think) for 25 percent off. Code = TW5000.

  2. Correction: The code is for an $18 credit.


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