Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fleurs Célestes de Chanel Natural Finish Face Highlighter

Some products have such beautiful presentation it makes one hesitate before dipping a brush and actually using them. Fleurs Célestes de Chanel Natural Finish Face Highlighter is a good example. You just want to keep staring at the colors and the embossed pattern and admire them.

Fleurs Célestes de Chanel is a hybrid is a limited edition finishing powder and highlighter from Chanel's fall 2009 Symphonie Blanche, a collection with a shimmery white theme (there's also an eye shadow quad that looks a bit too transparent for me and a white nail polish). The compact includes three colors- the white shimmery highlighter, a warm pink and a very light bronze. By swiping a powder brush (there's one included with the compact in its own velvet pouch, but I usually prefer a round, full-headed brush for a lighter application), you can determine how much of each color would be applied. The shades combine well and the powder has just enough warm pigment to avoid a chalky look. The shimmer makes it ideal for a glamorous evening look, and you are also supposed to apply some to your décolleté, but I prefer my cleavage to look natural and not twinkle with a pearly shimmer. I'm weird like that.

Fleurs Célestes de Chanel is still available from most Chanel counters at the better department stores, though it seems to be sold out online.


  1. Gorgeous!!! I have this coming in the mail tomorrow, I cannot wait! Thanks for these beautiful pictures. Your review makes me even more excited.

  2. Even an oldie but goodie like me can appreciate the absolute beauty of Fleurs Célestes de Chanel. Some "experts" claim that older women cannot wear anything other than matte, but I find that to be just so much blather. True, my days of fairy dust and glitter are long gone, but luminescence applied with subtlety and restraint bring a radiance to this old skin! I'm going to my local Chanel counter today to try it out. Thanks, Gaia. You're a real gem.

  3. Lina, you and I are so addicted to the same brands :)
    I hope you're enjoying the compact.

  4. Eileen, first- thank you so much for reading and commenting.
    You're absolutely right about shimmer and age. It's not a matte vs. shimmer issue at all, but about the texture and quality of the product (application technique also matters, which is why good brushes are so important).
    Matte colors can be just as harsh if not chosen carefully, so all this strong convictions about what is and isn't right for every age shouldn't be taken too seriously. After all, twenty or thirty years ago, a woman my age would have been considered over the hill...


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