Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Colorful Makeup Brushes: Lancome Declaring Indigo and Sephora Color-Dipped

I've been refreshing and sprucing up my makeup brush collection. Some of the items simply needed to be replaced, but I was also inspired by the new and colorful brushes that have been popping up. Sephora has a collection of five double-ended makeup brushes ($18-$35) in bright, happy colors that cover most of one's possible needs, from foundation application to creating a smoky eye:

The rock star of this season's special brushes is Lancome's Declaring Indigo set. This Nordstrom exclusive is a limited edition and part of the Declaring Indigo makeup collection for fall 2009. Makeup-wise, I was only interested in the new gel eyeliner (review coming soon), but the brushes were so gorgeous I had to buy two sets, one for myself and one for my sister.

The set includes four brushes (one is a double-ended shadow and liner) in a glossy pouch that looks much more elegant than most makeup bags available and is a perfect size to slip into one's handbag. The largest one is a mineral powder foundation brush, but if, like me, you're not a mineral foundation user, it's still useful for various finishing powders and products. I love it with my Laura Geller Balance'n'Bronze. While the brushes aren't as fluffy and soft as I would have liked, they are super thick which makes them great performers- they grab and hold the right amount of product. They are also the perfect size for me- I prefer shorter handles, not just for ease of use but also for storage, which is extremely important for me: My makeup brushes must be firmly locked out of feline reach.

Images: Sephora Double-Ended Color Dipped Brushes from Lancome Declaring Indigo Brush set photos are mine.


  1. Your photos really bring out the beauty in the brushes.

    Can't they just release all the really nice stuff about two weeks before Christmas? It would save me so much cupboard space. I'm inundated with boxes as it is.

  2. The brushes are absolutely gorgeous! I don't need new ones, but who could resist that beautiful indigo and black combination! I'll rationalize my extravagance by also picking up a few sets to give to my gal pals during the holidays :-)

  3. Thanks, Nathan :) .
    I had a similar thought when I first saw this set: it's such a perfect gift for the Holidays too bad it would sell out long before that.

  4. Eileen, you're very wise to start your shopping this early :) (see? rationalizing shopping is easy). And I have to admit it was this set that started me on the brush revamping quest. I had to make sure all my other ones were just as worthy...


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