Wednesday, August 05, 2009

How To Deal With A Broken Nail: Nail-Aid Clear Liquid Bandage

My kitchen cabinets are the arch-nemesis of my nails. They were designed by a nail-hating demon, and I've had countless painful incidents because of them. I've tried just about every nail glue I could find at drugstores and beauty supply stores. Most of them were messy and all of them utterly useless. Last week after another lost battle against the utensil drawer I looked in my beauty stash and found Nail-Aid Clear Liquid Bandage. It was sent to me by the wonderful people of Anise Nail Polish, so I decided to give it a try. Nothing to lose, right?

I'm happy and amazed to report my nails are still attached and intact. While the Nail-Aid Bandage doesn't actually repair or fuses the break, it firmly holds the nail together and it looks (and, more importantly, feels) like nothing happened.

So, how to deal with a split nail?

1. Act quickly, before there's more damage. Remove your nail polish and make sure the nail is clean and dry.
2. Apply Liquid Bandage to the affected area. Let dry completely (it takes less than a minute). Apply a second coat.

Now, according to the packaging directions, you're supposed to repeat this every day for best results, but I just redo my nails once the liquid Bandage is dry. I remove the polish every three-four days and re-apply the product before painting my nails again. So far it's the perfect solution.

Nail-Aid Clear Liquid Bandage ($6.50) is available from

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