Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dior Creme de Gloss

Dior offers so many lip products it's not so easy to keep them straight. Still, Crème de Gloss deserves a lot more attention and hype, as it just might be the best Dior lip gloss.

Crème de Gloss is a hybrid: something between a liquid lipstick and lip gloss. The coverage and pigment intensity are lipstick-like, but the texture is super light, moisturizing and glossy. Amazingly enough, it's not sticky. Unlike most liquid lipsticks, there are no goop and migration issues- Crème de Gloss stays where you put it (and application is easy and accurate. The slanted sponge wand is perfect for this texture) and never tries to meet your teeth. It feels great on the lips and the moisture holds up nicely, though the staying power is similar to any light gloss and requires reapplying after your first cup of tea.

The color range is impressive and full of great shades. The one I picked from Sephora is Creamy Burgundy (735) which actually looked darker at the store, so when I opened it at home I wondered if I made a mistake. The color looked a bit too warm and I wasn't sure I liked it. Until I put it on. Creamy Burgundy is a medium red that makes my face come alive. It's incredibly flattering and doesn't compete for attention with the rest of my makeup. It would be appropriate for day/office on most, unless you're extremely fair and keep red lip colors for evening only.

Creamy Burgundy has a luminous finish- somewhere between pearly and shimmery. It's delicate- not glittery or porn star-frosted. Other colors have a satin finish and I'm planning to check Plum Elixir and Creamy Rose next time I'm at the Dior counter.

Dior Crème de Gloss ($26) is available from most decent department stores and Sephora.

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  1. Now you made me curious (again). I'd love to have a lipstick coverage in cream formate, with satin finish, and rather little gloss (or is it too much to expect from a lip product ?). I hope that Dior made a colour or two suitable for my type as well (I'm one of those less brave, using brownish tones). Nice review, Gaia - thanks !

  2. Thanks, Lay Jane :) This Dior gloss is worth checking. There are enough colors in the range to make just about everyone happy. You might like Creamy Almond (441), Beige Elixir (611) or the new Sweet Praline (341).

  3. I got the Creamy Chestnut...

  4. I just bought two of the glosses: Creamy Burgundy and Creamy Almond. The Burgundy is a beautiful evening color for those of us who have lips on the thin side. It lets us flirt with the season's deeper colors without looking harsh. The Almond is a warm light beige with a hint of pink that is perfect any time of the day. Thanks for the recommendations, Gaia


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