Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sign Of Times: Spafumerie2 Is Closed

I had an unpleasant surprise yesterday when I discovered that Spafumerie2 (also known as Turtle Bay Spa/Perfumery) is closed. The place looked like a hurricane has swept through, with shelves mostly empty and only a few bottles remaining. I never heard a word about a clearance/going out of business sale, so your guess about the fate of their stock is as good as mine. Their phone number has been disconnected and the last Twitter update is from July 6th.
If anyone knows more, please comment.

Things didn't look too cheerful at the beauty department of Takashimaya on 5th Avenue. With no customers in sight and fewer brands available, I'm worried about the future of this place. Frankly, the shelves looked bare and the atmosphere depressing.

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  1. Yikes! I can't say I'm surprised, however -- about either one. Okay, I'm a little surprised about Takashimaya, but what I've been reading about the state of New York retail makes me wonder how *anyone* is going to stay in business.

    It's like the battle of the 50%-80% Off Sales out there, and the last one left standing will barely have enough profit margin to keep their doors open.


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