Monday, August 24, 2009

Matrix Sleek Look Shampoo and Conditioner- A Rant About Packaging

Matrix Sleek Look shampoo and conditioner are great products. The are gentle and nourishing, great de-tanglers, never irritate my hyper-sensitive scalp and don't require tons of goop as finishing products (except during this time of the year, when frizz is king). I like them and they're part of my rotation, as evident by the product level in my bottles above.

There's just one issue. Look at this bottles- the only difference between the shampoo and the conditioner's bottle is the color of the cap (one is a darker orange, and don't even get me started on the nail-breaking caps. They're the devil) and the numbers- 1 on the shampoo and 2 on the conditioners. The label itself is printed in a small font, so it's not very obvious at a glance. Now, think of yourself taking a shower and washing your hair before your first cup of coffee in the morning or while already half asleep at night. How observant are you? And while my eyesight is still as good as ever, what about those who can't read without their glasses?

That's why I'm always grateful to brands that make significantly different packaging for their shampoo and conditioners. Matrix has other product lines, like Biolage, which had more thought put into this very issue, so why not this semi-exclusive salon line?

Matrix Sleek Look shampoo and conditioner (about $14 each) are sold in select salons. Mine were PR freebies.
Photo by me.

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  1. I developed the problems of which one is the shampoo when I traveled--using identical 3-oz refillable bottles so I can get through security. I simply snap a rubber band around the shampoo. That way I can feel which one it is without guessing.


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