Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kevyn Aucoin Brush Stroke Eye Powder Pencil

Since we're talking green eye shadow lately (see previous post), here's an example for an interesting product: Kevyn Aucoin Brush Stroke Eye Powder is a thick pencil that can line the eyes for that heavily made up look, but is also an easy to apply eyeshadow. The one I have in Soir is a muted sage green color that can look deeper and darker if applied right over an eye balm.

The first time you apply it, the powdery texture is a bit surprising. It doesn't glide on like a regular pencil, but it only take a moment to adjust and figure it out. I find that it requires a primer (I prefer to wear it dry), otherwise the lasting power is disappointing- it's gone within three hours.

The Powder Pencil is great for a quick makeup job, when one doesn't feel like fussing with brushes (there's a decent built-in brush on the pencil itself) and blending . On my skin, Soir is muted enough to look casual and understated, so all it takes is a little mascara and I'm done. It's not the most sophisticated or luxurious eyeshadow/liner (or at least it doesn't feel like one), but it delivers as long as I wear a primer to make the powder stick.

Kevyn Aucoin Brush Stroke Eye Powder Pencil ($27) is available from, but I'm pretty sure I got mine ar Bergdorf when they still had it.

photos: mine


  1. I got mine at BG in the Felix Rey case + samples GWP event in June.

    I find the texture a bit dry and sandy, and it pulls uncomfortably on my eyelids. If I use a base, the color goes on unevenly. I like the color though.

  2. ok, i was going to put this comment with a relevant post-- but i am going to have to settle for current.

    you need to checkout armani's "eyes to kill" mascara. i know you're going to look into their lipstick- so double dip while you're there. seriously.

    i have curl-resistant and sparse lashes and have found that if i read mascara reviews by asian women, b/c they have many of the same problems, they will rave about something that works wonders for me. this mascara is amazing.

    i'm wondering what you'd think about it compared to that givenchy mascara you recently bought. (was it givenchy?)

  3. Love your blog. I follow it weekly, and enjoy your recommendations (and criticism) of products and celebreties. I hope you don't mind if I express my thoughts about the new design. While beautiful, the dark background is not working, especially when you review items that has to do with color or tone. It is confusing to the eye and one can't really appreciate the colors of the products you are covering.

  4. Minx, I also thought it was too dry at first. Apparently it applies much better when you use no pressure. It's really weird at first.

  5. Dea, luckily, I didn't get to the Armani counter before I saw your comment. I bought the mascara and will start testing it this week. I saw the SA using it on a woman and it looked great. Thank you :) .

  6. Anon, thank you for the comments and suggestion. I understand what you're saying and will try to make sure that any color and swatches I photograph are taken against a lighter background. This will take a couple of more weeks, since right now I stil have a backlog of products and photos from the last couple of weeks, and it's a bit time consuming to redo them.


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