Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Erno Laszlo pHormula No. 3-9 Lip Balm SPF 15

Being prone to dry lips, I can never have enough lip balm, and I certainly can tell a good one from cheap petroleum gel crap that does nothing but sit on the lips. That said, realizing that the o.5 oz tube of Erno Laszlo pHormula No. 3-9 Lip Balm SPF 15 I was sent retails for $34 was a bit shocking. After all, it's more than the cost of a Chanel lipstick.

I love Erno Laszlo products, and the pHormula No. 3-9 moisturizer is an amazing cream (and a lifesaver at times), and this lip balm is worthy of the label. It's the one I carry with me lately and leave by the bed at night. It goes on a bit oily at first, but when I look in the mirror it doesn't appear greasy, just balmy, and if I were one to go lipstick/gloss-free, this would be a good substitute, especially because of the SPF 15.

The balm heals and calms chapped lips. I have a scar that tends to bother me if my lips are dry, and even re-opens in extreme cases. Lately it's been feeling a lot better, and I've discovered that Octinoxate, the main ingredient in the No. 3-9 Lip Balm is not used just to protect skin from damage, but also to reduce the appearance of scars. Between this and the fact this balm is perfect with dry formula lipsticks (Shiseido and Nars are usually hard for me to wear), I'm starting to think this pricey product might be able to earn its keep.

Erno Laszlo pHormula No. 3-9 Lip Balm SPF 15 ($34) is available from Nordstrom and ernolaszlo.com. I got it as a PR freebie.

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