Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dior Vernis Nail Enamel (Nordstrom Exclusive)

In the world of beauty products, exclusivity sells. As do great colors. The two Nordstrom exclusive Dior Vernis Nail Enamel polish colors were launched in July and have fall written all over them. Mystic Violine (#987) is a beautiful if predictable satiny red plum. It's very dark, super sexy, but I have to admit that I already own several similar colors. You probably do, too.

Lemon Balm (#703) is the real star here. The color is hard to describe and changes significantly under different light conditions. It's a brown-gray-taupe-purple thing with a metallic finish. The gray shows more in the bottle and in broad daylight, while nighttime brings out the purple chocolate.

The Dior Vernis Nail Enamel brush is among my most favorites. It's thick, wide and gives great coverage without streaking. As a metallic color, Lemon Balm dries quickly, which in my klutzy world is a major advantage, as I tend to ruin my manicures and get cat hair all over them. I tested with both Zoya and Anise Nails base and top coats, and the results are always good.

Dior Vernis Nail Enamel in Lemon Balm and Mystic Violine ($20 each) are exclusive to Nordstrom. I ordered mine online.

Photos: mine


  1. Maybe exclusive to the US.

    I bought Mystique Violine (#987) in November, 2008 at my local pharmacy in Melbourne Australia. Great colour though- I'm almost halfway through my bottle, and that rarely happens.


  2. Mary, I wonder why Dior is giving Nordie US exclusivity on something they've already released elsewhere.


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