Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Eye Creams That Work: Shiseido, MenScience, DHC and Cures

While none of these eye creams can replace sleep, good genes or a plastic surgeon, they feel good and do a decent job calming, de-puffing and moisturizing the eye area and making one look just a little more alive.

MenScience Eye Rescue Formula
The husband picked it for himself a couple of months ago and I've been sneaking some on a semi-regular basis (in the name of research, of course). He finds it a bit heavy and prefers to use it at night, I like it for morning just as well. Rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants, this MenScience cream does a good job reviving the under eye area. It absorbs fast enough that I can follow up with my eye makeup.
$37 for 0.75 oz on menscience.com, many department stores and New London Pharmacy in NYC

Shiseido The Skincare Eye Revitalizer
I went through two tubes of this eye cream a year or two before starting this blog. I used it faithfully until the winter of the following year, when I felt the need for a richer cream. I got a small tube of it recently as a GWP and started using it again. I definitely remember why I loved it so much, as it's quite effective on tired eyes.
$40 for 0.53 oz at Sephora and most department stores.

DHC Q10 Eye Cream
Full of good stuff from olive oil and aloe leaf juice to retinyl palmitate, this was an unexpected surprise. I've accumulated enough samples to give this DHC product a good try. I'm not too crazy about most of this line (probably has something to do with an over-drying mask), but the Q10 eye cream feels rich and pleasant, and made the skin look smoother.
$24.00 for 0.88 oz on dhccare.com

Cures Age Defyer Eye
I wasn't familiar with the brand, Cures by Avance, so had no expectations when I received the Age Defyer as part of the most recent BeautyFix box. I can't say it performs the miracles promised, but then again, I'm not quite wrinkly just yet. What I can say is the skin feels fresh and smooth and the cream is calming and nourishing, which is what I expect from a good eye product.
$50 0.5 oz on curesbyavance.com

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  1. I like the Shiseido eye treatment cream very much. I find it perfect for my skin! It's thicker but feels non-greasy.


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