Sunday, August 23, 2009

Edward Bess For Fall: New Products Coming Soon

The wait is almost over: The new lip colors by Edward Bess are coming to Bergdorf Goodman on September 14. Just as promised, the lipsticks and glosses will feature plum and berry colors, and there will be matching lip liners. I got a sneak pick of the latter, and just like the rest of Edward's products, the texture is dreamy-smooth and the pigment quality is top notch. From the liner's color I can already predict the lipsticks will be just what I've been craving since I first tested his line.

There's more Edward Bess good news:
Coming next month are two new sets that are much easier on the pocket and actually offer a significant saving. A lipstick trio, Best of Bess ($75, compare to $29 per lipstick a la carte, which is $87 for three colors), and a gloss trio, Little Black Box ($75, again, compare to $28 for one, or $84 for three). Buying both sets together would get us extra $25 off for a total savings of $46, or 26%. I'm waiting to see the exact color in these sets, and hopefully they would be what I'm looking for, since it's such a good deal.

Photo of Edward Bess from his Facebook fan page.


  1. I hope its not more boring colors! They feel good but the colors are surely lacking and dull. I'm older and need some life!

  2. Thanks for the info! Do you happen to know which colors are in the lippie sets? I placed an order today and I'm wondering if I should have ordered sets instead!


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