Monday, August 24, 2009

Thymes Filigree Discontinued

If you're a fan of the Filigree range from Thymes, you'd want to do some stocking up, as this fragrance collection is being discontinued. The products are still available for the full price on their website (, and you are very likely to find them discounted locally at stores carrying the line.

This makes me worried about the future of Goldleaf, which was the sister scent of Filigree (though much more popular, I think). I also just realized they no longer offer any environmental oil for lamp rings and burners, which really sucks. I don't use candles because of the cats, and reed diffusers, while not dangerous, are not exactly feline-proof. I know that companies need to renew and innovate, but regularly discontinuing products that have a loyal fan base isn't the best business move. One of the contributing factors to Crabtree & Evelyn's troubles was exactly that- long time customers started feeling betrayed and stayed away.


  1. I prefer lamp rings for diffusing oil, too. But now I've swapped my incandescent bulbs for energy-saving, I've found two problems: the bulbs don't seem to get hot enough to do the job properly, and some of them are the wrong shape for the rings!

  2. Tania, I recently found (at Target, of all places!) a battery operated lamp diffuser with little scented "shades". Most of the scents they had were not something I'd let in the house (too synthetic and cheap smelling), but one was a delicate green tea/citrus. I bought everything they had in stock...


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