Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Profumum Dambrosia

More fig goodness- because it's the end of summer and because these perfumes are bottled happiness.

The simple note list for Profumum's Dambrosia sounds downright scary: almond, pear, fig and sandalwood. Just add brown sugar and bake- something like this pear and fig crisp. I actually researched some recipes, and the combination of figs and pears is rare even for desserts. It seems a bit too much.

The opening of Dambrosia is decidedly fruity, but not in a bad way and it doesn't resemble any of the mainstream pear scents (Gwen Stefani's L or the Marc Jacobs Pear body splash in all its synthetic glory). Instead, I get a round, honeyed fruit note with more than a hint of its green skin, without crossing the line into fresh territory. That's also where a very sheer almond note can be detected. It's not dominant and isn't very sweet- definitely more green almonds than sugary marzipan, which makes sense considering the fruity theme. None of these notes lasts long, though.

The heart and the drydown are intertwined in an interesting way. Most of the perfume's development is about figs and sandalwood. At times, one note dominates only to make way to the other one. The creaminess of sandalwood (think Tam Dao) is used here the way you often find milky coconut paired with green fig, but instead of the tropical result of those scents, Dambrosia feels darker and more grownup. If you wear L'Artisan's Premier Figuier during the day, you might like Dambrosia for night. It certainly feels sexy.

There aren't any other notes listed, but I think I smell some spices- nutmeg and maybe coriander seed, which go well with the cake idea of this lovely and satisfying scent. The lasting power is massive. I easily get 12 hours and more, especially when some cling to my clothes. A scarf that got sprayed would remain lightly perfumed for days.

In the US, Profumum fragrances are exclusive to Luckyscent/Scent Bar in Los Angeles, samples are also available from The Perfumed Court.

Art: Fig Tree by Paul Klee


  1. oh, I definitely need to try this one - I see there are no almonds appearing in the review, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it might work for me. I just love fig scents. :) And pear doesn't scare me - almonds do. Saying there's nutmeg in it just does it. :)

  2. Ines, I'm curious to hear how you'll like it. Profumum also has another fig scent. I need to get a decant sooner or later.


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