Sunday, August 02, 2009


A site makeover is just as much fun as updating one's wardrobe and makeup, and The Non-Blonde was definitely due for one. The new design was created by Adrian Grezda, and I absolutely love it.

I opened a new Facebook group for the blog. You can find it here and join. It'd be great for any questions, discussions and just to see who else is around. Please stop by and say hello.

I also re-did my Twitter page, so you're invited to check it out and follow me, if you aren't doing so already. I've been known to tweet from the frontline of makeup counters, report the scoops and customer service disasters in real time and 140 characters.



  1. Snappy! Makeover is looking sharp. Hmmm, wonder if perhaps you'll need some nail & lip color to match that sizzling red type... :)

  2. S., that's my favorite red, so not only nail and lip color, but also shoes ;) .


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