Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Givenchy Prismissime Eye Shadow Poetique Blues & Browns

I admit I blind-bought the two Givenchy Prismissime eye shadow compacts. I saw the Poetique Blues and Poetique Browns on Sephora's website and had to have them. The jewel-like appearance and the many color options were impossible to resist.

Both palettes are full of subtle shimmery colors. You can wear each one by itself or mix and layer them together. The shadows are sheer but surprisingly pigmented and it's a lot of fun to play with the different hues. It can also make you late, if you're getting too absorbed in adding just a little of this or that, but the compacts are also perfect for just a quick wash of color on the lid or in the crease. If you're pale, the darker blue shadows wold also make a beautiful eyeliner. I just use them close to the lash line for extra depth.

The Prismissime texture is very fine and smooth. Both sets last a lot better over an eye shadow primer- they stay on from morning to night, even in this humid weather. Take note that the individual pans aren't big, so the widest brushes might not be the best to use here, unless you're swirling over several colors. Speaking of brushes, it's really a shame the brushes that come in the compact (there's a lower compartment) are so thin and crappy. The product itself is high quality and elegant, it deserves better.

Prismissime Eye Shadow Poetique Blues and Poetique Browns ($53 each) are a limited edition Sephora exclusive (at least in the US).
All photos are mine.

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