Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ava Luxe Johri (perfume oil and EDP)

Yes, more fig perfumes.

Probably because the end of summer is upon us and nothing says September like figs. Not that Johri by Ava Luxe is about the fruit. It most certainly isn't, focusing instead on the tree itself- wood and greenery. But the smell of a fig tree is what counts for me, and Johri gives it in spades.

I have this Ava Luxe creation both in perfume oil and as an eau de parfum (which is not available at the moment) and find them distinctly different in their opening- the lemon and pepper top notes are much more pronounced in the oil, making it less sweet (and probably more masculine/unisex at that stage). The EDP's top notes are airier and drift more smoothly from these notes into the fig tree on all its aspects. The green fig and the leaves appear first and morph into a beautiful coconut-fig-wood musky drydown with a hefty dose of creaminess.

The oil is drier and spicier. The pepper note remains long after the lemon disappears, making Johri quite different than other sweet milky fig scents. Sometimes I think I smell a bit of dusty cumin, but this might be just the pepper playing tricks in the heat. I also smell a lot more cedar than sandalwood in the oil (unlike the EDP), but this can also be due to a later batch. The late drydown is basically the same, rich and lovable with a fig-vanilla-musk base. The overall feel of this perfume is warm and full of sunshine, no matter which formulation I wear. I admit to being a bit biased in favor of the sweeter EDP, but I'll take fig in almost any shape or form. It transports me to far away places and different landscapes, where the earth is dry and the trees give much-needed shades and a delicious aroma.

Johri ($20 for 5ml) and the rest of Ava Luxe's perfume oils (no EDP at this time) are available on Etsy. Samples can be purchased from The Posh Peasant and The Perfumed Court.

Photo: Sunshine Through Fig Leaves by Dominic Sagolla


  1. I LOVE to see this one getting some love; I think it is a sunshiny treat, just liquid joy.

    Another taste we share ;-)

  2. Thanks for comparing Johri in oil vs. EDP! I've been wondering about the difference. I own the EDP and quite love it. Johri always struck me as foody in a savory way -- makes me think of curry shortbread, or this spicy noodle soup I like to eat. I think it must be because of the coconut.

  3. Johri is bright and lovely, isn't it?
    Have you tried her Bois de Figue? Ripe fig, woods, a bit of tobacco and spice. Heavenly.


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