Monday, September 07, 2009

Chanel Blush Brush No. 7

This summer I got a couple of blushes in brighter colors than I usually wear, probably to compensate for my utter sun avoidance and high SPF regimen. I soon realized that my favorite blush brushes- all of them full, round and quite large- are not ideal when such colors are involved.

A more limited and precise blush application calls for a flatter brush (I still prefer to blend with fluffier softer brushes, though), and the No. 7 Le Pinceau Joues from Chanel has proven to do a perfect job.  It's soft enough and pleasant on the skin (though not the softest brush one can find), picks up the exact amount of color and gives me the right look. The brush feels great in my hand, very balanced and easy to use. It comes in a nice velvet pouch (I like these pouches when I load my Chanels into a train case or even a small makeup bag) and is made of 100% natural hair. I'm not against using natural brushes with cream blushes, but this one is too floppy and not dense enough to pick up creams and distribute them evenly.

Bottom line: a great tool.

Chanel Le Pinceau Joues blush brush no. 7 ($46) is available from your local Chanel counter and

All photos are mine.

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