Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pantone Fashion Color Report- Spring 2010

...and some musings about the way the world has changed since the 80s.

It is easy to get overwhelmed (and more than a little bored) with the constant coverage and unprocessable amount of information from the various Fashion Week events all over the world. As a blogger, I also receive countless press releases informing me exactly who did what and what hair spray they used to achieve that space age seductress-vampire-with a hint of Queen of Sheba look everyone(?) was talking about. And I look through them, watch the clips, read the interviews, take notes, take Advil.

I look at this stuff for inspiration, trying to recognize emerging patterns and trends through my own perspective, not what someone's PR is pushing. Like most of my readers, I want to know how all this affects me. What DVF dresses and Neiman Marcus cashmere sweaters will I buy next season? Am I going to like the new lip colors? What colors are on the fingernails of the Chanel models?

And I'm thankful for all the photos and neverending fashion stories. Beyond words.

Growing up in a small suburban town during the 80s, my access to this kind of information was so limited I might as well have lived on the moon. Some dry reports with a couple of black and white photos in the paper, a 30 second clip from a fashion show in the evening news and the elation of getting my sweaty palms on the new issue of Vogue. And, of course, it was so hard to relate and apply those faraway images to my life and wardrobe. I couldn't even dream about sitting on my bed one evening with my cute little computer on my lap, connected to the entire world through it and leafing through the Pantone Fashion Color Report for the next season. What a concept!

So, the Spring 2010 Pantone Fashion Color Report...
There are some cute and optimistic colors (bright yellow, blue, coral and tomato red) and a few sombre neutral that seem to always be part of the summer palette like shades of khaki (dried herb and eucalyptus, this year). Of course, I immediately start to envision the way they'd be interpreted in the J. Crew catalog, Armani eye shadow palettes and YSL lipsticks...

These are some of my favorites (from the report) as seen in NYC Fashion Week, and you can download and read the whole thing (including quotes and advice from the usual luminaries such as Ken Downing, Nina Garcia, India Hicks and Clinton Kelly here.

What are your favorite colors and ideas? What would you like to see?

Fashion drawings from the Pantone report.
Photos from Diane von Furstenberg's fashion show: New York Magazine.

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