Monday, September 14, 2009

Cle de Peau Intensifying Cream Eyeliner #103

I'm usually a huge fan of Cle de Peau makeup. Almost nothing can beat their silky textures and heavy duty performance, but the Intensifying Cream Eyeliner is a disappointment, especially considering the beautiful color (and the price tag!).

For $60 you'd expect your eyeliner to look refined and to practically apply itself (and maybe make your tea in the morning). But this Intensifying Cream Eyeliner is too dry and doesn't go on as smoothly and easily as I had hoped. It's not bad, but compared to gel eyeliners (Bobbi Brown or Lancome), this cream is simply not good enough. Application is definitely not a breeze, especially if you want good control for drawing a fine line, even with the great Cle de Peau brush that comes with the eyeliner (you need to take it into account when gasping at the price, since the Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush is sold separately and costs an extra $25). The cream doesn't yield the way it should.

The color of #103 is a very pretty blue/gray steel. It has a little shimmer (the same level as the pearlized Bobbi Brown gel liners), doesn't smudge and has a superb staying power. The pattern you see in the pre-use photos doesn't affect the product's color. It rubs off as soon as you start using the pot.

Bottom line: Not worth the price despite the excellent brush that comes with the eyeliner and the pretty color.

Cle de Peau Intensifying Cream Eyeliner is available from Bergdorf Goodman, Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

Photos and dark under-eye circles are mine. I quickly swiped a very contrasting eye shadow in a an unmatching warm tone to make the eyeliner's shade stand out a little more for the picture.


  1. This stuff is so foreign to me. I'm not good with thin lines.

    Hey, have you seen/used the Guerlain retractable eyeliner? They have it in a new ltd color, Bohemian, for the Russian collection (in which their model looks like an insane clown). Do you know anything about the quality of their eyeliners?

  2. Dea, I never tried their eyeliners, other than a brief testing of the loose kohl which was horrible in my klutzy hands- black pigment everywhere. Not pretty.

    The most fool-proof eyeliners I've found are the ones that come in a pen. Lancome, YSL, Armani, Le Metier de Beaute- they all have them. The latter is probably my favorite.

  3. Thanks, Anon. No, I've never used any lash growth product. I'm naturally well-endowed in that department(thanks, Mom!).


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