Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Serge Lutens Cedre

When Cedre came out in late 2005, many people were somewhat bewildered. They expected Uncle Serge to treat the cedar note in a similar way he stripped oak a year before when he created Chene. Instead of a glorious dry tree, they found themselves sampling a boozy, sweet, ambery oriental perfume with a creamy tuberose in the middle.

Which, of course, is exactly why I adore Cedre.

It radiates. From the sweet opening to the sweeter drydown, this is one weird scent. It takes you on a trip to places where otherworldly things grow. There's apple-free cider, radioactive cinnamon, clove that doesn't bite and wouldn't remind you of the dentist, wood that glows in the dark, white flowers that disappear and pop out again and black honey. It's a carnival and can get quite big and noisy, but on my skin it's heaven.

Cedre has an amazing staying power. I don't envy those who find it a scrubber, because it's water-resistant and requires a long hot shower to go away sufficiently even after 24 hours.

Cèdre ($140, 50 ml) is a Haute Concentration (extra concentrated EDP) and comes in the black box with the black label. It's part of the Serge Lutens export line, available from all the Lutens-friendly locations: Aedes, Luckyscent, BeautyHabit, Barneys, Bergdorf, Blue Mercury and others. Most of them sell online. The Perfumed Court sells samples.

Art: Copper by Brandi Milne


  1. I see there are other people who love this. :) I don't think this SL creation gets enough love, your review is so true, this one takes you to interesting places.

  2. beautiful review of a beautiful fragrance....

  3. Funny how some people find this boring and demure, and others get something much more complex and interesting. My experience is fairly identical to what you've so beautiful described, and it's one I just keep coming back to for that strange but addictive carnival experience.


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