Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Emmy Moment

You'll have to forgive me for losing my sense of humor about this, but that little Family Guy clip showing Little Steweie beating his dog to a bloody pulp?

Not cool. At all.


  1. Totally agreed...turned to my viewing companion and said, "they blew it." Notice no transition, just right to the next moment.

  2. Funny, right before I read ScentSelf's comment, I thought, "Totally agreed...."

    There's pushing the envelope and then there's just self-indulgence, and this was a gross example of the latter (give a Rachel Zoe "lit-rally").

    Brutality is never funny. I am not sure why we have to explicitly point things like this out. Why is it in this country that humanity and decency toward other humans have become stomping grounds for humor?

    I often feel like I'm living in 1984, and it's not due to shoulder pads and bright makeup.


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