Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shiseido Eye Shadow Luminizing Satin Eye Color

The new Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color, single eye shadows, have a wonderful silky texture and a satin finish. They feel luxurious and the colors have a distinct modern appeal, which isn't surprising- they were designed by Shiseido creative director and makeup guru Dick Page.

I chose two colors that I thought would round my collection a bit: GD810 Bullion, a dirty gold, and VI704 Provence, a lavender. The latter is the color you see on most web site selling this range, as it's bright and dramatic in the pan. The surprise came when I started wearing Provence and discovered it looks much lighter on the lid and needs to be piled up to really show (I had to work it hard for the swatches, which is why they look a bit weird and dry- it's about five or six coats). It actually has a brightening, eye-opening effect on my skin, so I blend it with mauve or gray.

Bullion is very warm, just as you'd expect from a gold eye shadow. I blend it with bronze and browns and it's nice, even if I'm not utterly in love with it.

Bottom line: great texture, beautiful colors. I should have gotten it in taupe.

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color ($25 each) is available from Sephora and any decent department store.

All photos are mine.


  1. The texture looks quite similar to the old Inoui quads, and Dick Page was the creative director for Inoui. I have a couple of Inoui quads and I never really felt all the love they got online - in my experience they were quite powdery and sheer.

    I still want to have a look at these when they come out here though. x

  2. Grace, I never tried the Inoui shadows, but it sounds like they are very similar, at least sheerness-wise.

    I like very soft shadows that blend almost like cream, but I suspect the lightest colors in this range would be utterly useless.

  3. Purple eye shadow is very much in these days.


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