Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Palette

Three or four weeks ago, when I first got the Armani newsletter announcing the Eyes To Kill eye shadow palettes, I dropped by my local Saks hoping to see them in person before buying. The SA looked at me as though I was insane and informed me there's no such thing and there wasn't going to be, and she knows it because she "had all the training". I looked at her back, pressed some buttons on my phone (Giorgio Armani Beauty is in a dire need of a good mobile version of the website) and showed her the collection. The blank look she gave me wasn't encouraging or friendly. If the website was a bit easier to navigate on a mobile device I would have placed an online order right there, while she was watching and calculating the commission she just missed. But I waited until I got home and had the palettes in my possession a few days later.

But let's talk about the good stuff: the colors and texture. I got #1 Steel Black and #2 Brown Copper. Steel Black is elegant and cool toned. The heart is a low-shimmer (but not matte) satin soft black for lining. It performs beautifully even without a sealing liquid and doesn't flake or fade. The second circle is a stone white highlighter with a satin texture. The outer circle is a silvery frost. It's shiny but wearable and I don't have any issues with it- it's not over the top and doesn't require a lifestyle that includes clubbing.

Brown Copper is a collection of warm tones, from the dark chocolate brown in the centre to the gold and copper that surround it. The colors are metallic but appropriate for daytime and look very flattering without stealing the show.

All the eye shadows are very silky and blend beautifully. There's no question of quality- it's superb. While the concept of palettes in black and brown isn't all that original, the looks are complete and elegant. My one gripe with these compacts is the usability of the design. It's gorgeous, of course, and the circles really stand out. But their width is such that my thicker makeup brushes are too big if I want to only pick one color at a time. It's workable and I have enough brushes to use with this, but I strongly prefer the fluffier ones.

Bottom line: Love, despite the flawed design.

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill eye shadow palettes ($58 each) are available from Barneys, Saks and Neiman Marcus (in store only, for now) and online from the Armani website. There's actually a 20% coupon code on giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com, valid until Friday, September 18th. Use code MAKEOVER to get the discount.

All photos are mine.

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