Friday, September 04, 2009

Chanel Jade Le Vernis Nail Polish

I'm oddly fascinated with this new Chanel nail polish color. I'm not usually a green or blue polish fan, but there's something about Jade, described by Chanel as "echoes the pistachio tweed and jade jewelry from the Collection", that makes me seriously consider getting it.

Jade is a limited edition shade, first shown on the runway at the Fall 2009 Collection in Paris, and will be launched at the Chanel Soho boutique during Vogue Fashion's Night Out on September 10th. The City is going to be an absolute zoo on Thursday. Am I crazy enough to attempt navigating traffic that night just to get downtown for this polish? Would you?

***Edit: Michelle has actual photos and swatches on All Laquered Up. Check them out.
***Edit 2: My own photos and review here.

Images:,, Marie Claire and the L.A. Times


  1. What a beautiful shade of green! I can't wear the dark, intense colors because I have old hands :-( At my age, lighter is better. This color will let me have some fun with a trend without drawing undo attention to my hands. It looks like it would be gorgeous with grays, pewter, and, of course, jade green.

  2. YESSSSS, I WOULD ! (let us know...)

  3. i love this color! i was reading about this and i am definitely going to get it! jade is my favorite shade of green! thanks for the info!

  4. I love this colour!
    Thank you for information.


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