Friday, September 11, 2009

Cargo Runway Palette

Fashion is inspiring, and one doesn't even need Tim Gunn to tell you that. Cementing the connection between fashion and makeup, Cargo came out with a face and eye collection- the Runway Palette. It's a Sephora exclusive (and a limited edition, of course) and looks even more stunning in person than on their website.

From the outside, you might mistake Runway for a hardcover book. It holds several full size eye shadows and blushes and is certainly a lot bigger than any normal makeup palette, so this is not the item to slip into your evening clutch or keep in your desk drawer for quick fixes. Instead, leave it home, place it on your dresser in front of a mirror, take out your best makeup brushes (the palette doesn't include any) and get ready to play. It will make you feel like a makeup artist.

The Runway includes two eye shadow sets: the one in the centre is perfect for an elegant smoky eye and has instructions embedded right into the colors. The colorful buttons offer fashionable colors that can be used alone or mixed to create many looks and variations. All of them are very pigmented and wearable. The buttons are high in shimmer, the grays are more toned-down, all of them are smooth and apply beautifully. I only tested them over a primer, and at least this way there's no creasing and flaking.

All of these colors are beautiful. The brass and bronze really light up the eyes. The blue is a shimmery bold version of my favorite blue eye shadow, the one from the Ten Thousand Islands Cargo palette. The green is one of the hottest colors this season and I can't have enough of it.

There are three blushes in the cable-knit embossed pattern. The wonderful thing about it, is that it lets you mix and customize your color more than any other cheek product I've come across. I was surprised to see that I can actually use all three to various degrees and get the most natural looking blush. I love adjusting the blush tone according to my other makeup and the clothes I'm wearing. The bronzer is a flattering medium shade. I wish it wasn't divided into two strips (for aesthetic reasons), but I made it work. It's especially great if you like to swirl your brush and collect both bronzer and blush together.

As you can tell, I've been having a lot of fun. This palette can make you late in the morning, unless you can stick to a quick routine, but using it when you can take your time and play is a joy because of the many possibilities. The quality is great. It's not Cle de Peau, but it can stand out to anything else you find in Sephora, and the look and innovation of this palette puts it miles ahead of other kits. At $49 it's also a good bargain and an excellent gift idea (while it lasts).

Bottom line: While it's too big to be portable and doesn't contain everything one needs, the Runway Palette is beautiful, extremely useful and a lot of fun. Cute as a button.

All photos are mine.

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  1. :D I love this palette! It's not a Sephora exclusive anymore, I found it at Macy's last night for $34!


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