Monday, September 21, 2009

New Edward Bess Lipstick And Lipgloss

The much anticipated new lip colors from Edward Bess are finally available and last week I had a chance to test them. While I hoped for darker shades and maybe something for night, I found the three lipsticks and three glosses very easy to wear and elegant in an understated way. The undertone of the lipstick and glosses is mauve and they lean towards brown and pink.

Choosing a lipstick was pretty easy. Tender Love is a rich muted red/mauve color. For me it's the perfect warm option for a "my lips, but better" look. It brings just enough lively color without competing with my eye makeup and always looks appropriate. Topping it with the Nude Satin gloss, a somewhat milky pinkish brown, gives the color extra polish and a push towards mauve. It's also pretty by itself, of course, for a delicate semi-sheer look, but I really love wearing it over various lipsticks because the color and texture (not sticky and not goopy- it coats the lips and stays there) are so superb.

The quality of all Edward Bess products is wonderful. They feel good and rich when you wear them, even light colors are fully pigmented, application is always flawless and the staying power is good for a moisturizing lip color (stays on until lunch. The gloss needs to be reapplied after a cup of tea, but most of the color survives). I could have lived without the fruity scent, but it's gone before I even notice, so it's a non-issue.

Edward Bess Ultra Slick lipstick ($29) and Deep Shine lip gloss ($28) are exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman. Coming next month or early November there will also be limited edition gift sets that include combinations of lip and eye products.

All photos are mine.


  1. Oh I need this! I have a couple of the original lipsticks (Eternal Passion and Night Orchid) and the colours aren't quite right for me. I completely adore the eyeshadows (I have four of them, and I've posted about them on my blog.)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I placed a BG order a week ago and can't wait for my package to arrive. I think I need to try Nude Satin Lipgloss next.

    What was your take on the other lipsticks and glosses from the fall line? Krista was so kind to describe them on the phone to me but it's hard to gauge the colors without seeing them first.

  3. Grace, the eye shadows are amazing. I only have one right now, but I need each and every one. So perfect!

  4. Lina, the other lipsticks and glosses are beautiful, but they were still too light for me and one of the glosses (if I'm not mistaken) had too much brown. I swatched all six on my hand, but it was clear right away which ones had to come home with me.

  5. I have one a dark bronze eyeshadow of his which I love, and it goes with practically everything...I like that he puts them into their own little soft pocket to, it protects the color from the bangs and dings in my bag.

  6. Lucy, I agree. That little pocket is an extra touch that shows all the thought Edward puts into his line.


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