Friday, September 25, 2009

Trish McEvoy Beauty Emergency Card Pink Innocent Makeup Kit

Trish McEvoy took the idea of an ultra portable palette to the most charming extreme. The Beauty Emergency Card is so small and slim it could fit in your pocket (If you insist. I'd suggest putting it in the zippered pocket of your handbag) or in the smallest of evening clutches. Yet, it holds most of what one needs for an almost complete makeup look.

There's a medium tone yellow based concealer (excellent color and good coverage, though I find it too thick for use under my eyes), four eye shadows (two of which are dark enough to be used as an eyeliner) and three lip colors- one deep, two sheer (that would work as a cheek stain, if you must). The kit is super slim and small. The name Emergency Card really fits it, so don't expect a large amount of each product, but it's more than enough as an on the go solution, especially if you're like me and hate to tote numerous compacts and pots (or transfer them from bag to bag).

The colors are as usable and flattering as they get. That is, as far as I'm concerned. They are classic and neutral, the shimmery ones are subtle enough to use during the day, and the dark ones can be used to create an evening look. Even the lightest color eye shadow, Delicate Pink, is pigmented enough to provide real highlighting, and the texture is very blendable. The lip colors are pretty basic, and again- blend beautifully, so you can adjust the shade the way you want it.

The kit doesn't include brushes. While in theory you can use your fingers, I really don't recommend that for reasons starting in hygiene and ending with precise application. Since I experienced quite a bit of fallout from the eye shadows when I tested them emergency-style over a naked eye, I highly suggest you apply a primer or some kind of eye shadow base, but that's always true. Seriously, use primers! They make all the difference.

Trish McEvoy Beauty Emergency Card Pink Innocent Makeup Kit ($28) is available from most decent department stores.

All photos are mine.

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