Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Laque

Chanel is having a brilliant season. Most of the new products and colors are sensational and there's a lot of positive buzz around them. The Rouge Allure Lip Laque, a series of eight liquid lipsticks with a glossy shine, has been out in Europe for nearly six months before arriving here, but I forgot my resentment about it soon after I started testing.

Liquid lipsticks can be high maintenance and have an annoying tendency to end up on one's teeth, but it seems Chanel has found the perfect texture for the Rouge Allure Laque. The sponge applicator picks the right amount of product, spreads it easily and quickly coats the lips. There's no excess goop to wipe and blot. The initial feel is that of a gloss, but the pigment is very rich and deep and the staying power is phenomenal- four or five hours, a snack and two drinks, it's still on. The shine fades, but the color stays on. The best part is how it feels: weightless. Most long lasting lip products are drying and make me want dive lips first into a pot of lip balm. And also cry. Not Rouge Allure, and that alone buys the laquers a place in my makeup drawer.

My colors of choice are Imperial (#73) and Dynastie (#74). Both can be described as rosy reds, and as you can see they look different in full sun and in the shade. Imperial is warmer and more red when actually worn on the lips, while Dynastie has more pink. Imperial has a bigger personality.

Bottom line: Big love.

Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Laque ($32) are available from every decent department store and

All photos are mine.


  1. They are amazing! I talked about them a while ago in my blog and I am glad somebody else writes about them! I have written as well about the newly released products by Chanel for the Fall Season, just in case you want to have a look.

  2. Those shades resemble NARS Gothika and Chanel Attitude, which I believe we are both fans of—or do my eyes deceive me? I may have to run and get some...

  3. Catanya, my next Chanel posts are going to be about the nail polishes. I'm in love with many of the new colors they just released.

  4. Dain, the colors are definitely from the same family. You need to get them for the beautiful finish and the amazing lasting power.
    How is that for enabling ;) ?

  5. First stop at Sniffa...the Chanel counter . Imperial has my name all over it !


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