Saturday, September 19, 2009

Global Goddess I-Divine Eyeshadow

This pot of Global Goddess I-Divine eye shadow in Makabari was lounging in my "yet to try" box for quite a while. It was part of a previous BeautyFix box, but the color didn't call my name and it took me months to test it, despite the cute (if a bit cheap looking) packaging and my general interest in the Global Goddess line and its creator, celebrity makeup artist Shalini Vadhera. I like her aesthetics, Indian inspiration and the idea of using good-for-you ingredients in makeup. It also helps that because of Shalini's personal experience in trying to match colors for less common skin tones, Global Goddess makes an extra effort in that department.

But looking at Makabari, a warm pink-mauve, I just couldn't get excited. I made a mental note to seek out other colors such as Aishwarya or Rekha and promptly got distracted by something shiny. A couple of weeks ago I decided to man up and give this eye shadow a try. As I suspected, the red-based color doesn't work for me, and I'd caution just about anyone from using it. I actually managed to (sort of) replicate Jennifer Connelly's eye makeup (no nipples were harmed), and officially wrote off this trend. I wouldn't be surprised to see that it can look stunning on African American women with very rich skin color and a red undertone, but I can't pull it off.

I also tested Makabari as a blush/bronzer, but it was still too red and clashed with my natural color. But I loved the satin finish (not matte, not shimmer, true satin) and the silky texture too much to give up, which led to my next discovery. These days I'm all about mixing, layering, blending and creating new colors. You'd think that with the amazing supply and variety of colors on the market I'd be content with things I can buy. I am, but they also inspire me to use them in different ways and come up with something truly my own. Or maybe I'm just a little girl playing with brushes and colors. Whatever it is, I've managed to put this I-Divine color to good use by layering and blending it over taupe and ash colors when I feel they could use a little spark of life. As I said, the texture of the Global Goddess eye shadows is top notch and it plays very well on skin and with other colors. So if, like me, you got stuck with a high quality product in an off color, I highly recommend getting your brushes out and experimenting. It's fun.

Global Goddess I-Divine Eyeshadow ($18) and other products are available from Dillard's, and I got it as a PR freebie.

All photos are mine.

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