Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bold Lips On The Runway

Dark lips are here to stay, at least through next spring. The three looks above were shown last night at Jason Wu's show and were created by makeup artist Linda Pieroni. She used MAC, but I'm already scanning my stash (would it be too dorky to make a spreadsheet?) for suitable colors. According to Pieroni: "All dark girls are getting the dark brown burgundy color, the blond girls are getting bright red, and all the others are getting a kind of deep, black currant-like one.”

More red lips were shown at the Bensoni show. It's interesting to see how this fiery red works (or not) on different complexions. And even more important- despite the Back to the 80s wave we're seeing in cosmetic companies ads, what we see here is a balanced look with minimal eye makeup and only a hint of blush.

Photos and info: WWD

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  1. I soooo love this look, and have tried to imitate it many times, in various ways, and with no success.

    It seems as one ages, the lips are a little smaller and the eyes a little more washed out. So the darker lip accentuates my already thin-ish lips and my eyes just kind of disappear (and they are usually my best feature).

    the last time i tried it my bf (at the time) said, "it isn't your best look. it makes you look
    old- uh- er. older. sorry. not old. just a little older. " ha ha. ouch.

    i now just live vicariously through my 17yr daughter, who has fair skin, huge blue eyes and full lips and loves NARS deep red lipsticks. adorable.


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