Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anya Ponorovskaya- Fashion On Elizabeth Street

I love NYC's Elizabeth Street and not just because of Le Labo. It's full of indie designers and retro stores and I always manage to find something special to wear. Last weekend it was a gorgeous dress by Anya Ponorovskaya. The tiny boutique feels like Wonderland for those of us who likes exquisitely cut feminine dresses. There's a vintage vibe there, but Ponorovskaya's designs are timeless and very sexy and the fabrics- cotton and silk- are modern and crisp.

There are also shoes and accessories, but it were the dresses that mesmerized me. They are so well-made and have no other purpose than to make you feel pretty. The dress I got has a similar shape to the one above, but is made of a lace overlay and a red silk slip. It's figure-friendly and made me feel like I just stepped out of the Mad Men set.

Just call me Joanie.

Anya Ponorovskaya has four boutiques- the one on 235 Elizabeth street as well as a bridal store on 167 Elizabeth (there's a gorgeous white version of my dress), and two other locations: in Brooklyn and in Miami. If you're in the area, check out Caffe Falai on  265 Lafayette Street. It's a great Italian place, as authentic as they come. I love their poached pigs with ricotta cheese and their crepe cake is dreamy- layers of thin delicate crepes with perfect creme patissier. Seriously- don't miss the desserts.



  1. Well "Joanie", I love those dresses! I too love feminine looks and the dress you described sounds gorge!

  2. I am counting down the days till I am in NYC w/my husband for my birthday. I will be checking this out since I'm on an self-imposed shopping ban till my trip. I am hoping I don't break the bank when I make it to the EB counter at Bergdorf's.

    And yes, I would love to dress like Ms. Holloway everyday!

  3. Gorgeous! Elizabeth Street has so many lovely things (expensivo tho!) but great to look at


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