Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Edward Bess Midnight Bloom Ultra Sleek Lipstick

Today we have more Edward Bess lipstick goodness. There are only a couple of reds in Edward Bess' Ultra Sleek lipstick line, and the other one, Eternal Passion, while also a cool red is too bright for me. Midnight Bloom, on the other hand, is just perfect.

Midnight Bloom is the kind of red you want to wear when doing the French thing- you know, black eyeliner, pale and minimalist everything else, perfect skin, black or navy little dress with an exquisite scarf and no toe cleavage. Like all the other Edward Bess lipsticks, Midnight Bloom is creamy, has a beautiful lively finish, lots of pigment and decent staying power. It wears comfortably and feels luxurious even if one is not too crazy for the fruity scent.

You can see my reviews of Forever Yours and Tender Love (Night Romance is coming soon). KarlaSugar has swatches of the entire line.

Edward Bess Ultra Sleek Lipsticks ($32) are available exclusively from Bergdorf Goodman and edwardbess.com.

All  photos are mine.


  1. This is the color that I thought would be perfect for me. Too bad I have no access to these lipsticks! :)

  2. @Goya, www.zuneta.com stocks Edward Bess and ships worldwide, I guess it's not the same as going to a counter but if you know you'll love a particular shade this is definitely a possibility.

    I've just ordered Night Romance and have Forever Yours already (wore it today). I dallied for a moment with the idea of getting a red but as I wear red infrequently and have Illamasqua Box or Fume for when I'm in that mood, I don't feel I can justify it. It's a shame as it's a beautiful colour and I love Edward Bess products.

    Thanks for the swatches x

  3. I'll be making my way to NYC next month for my birthday. I cannot wait to play at the EB counter. My husband is going to hate it.

  4. I bought the Midnight Bloom Ultra Sleek Lipstick from Edward Bess's website recently & I LOVE the color. My skin is paler than Gaia's & it has a neutral undertone. This color looks great w/ minimal eye & cheek makeup, just as Gaia stated. It's perfect for a night out. Thank you Gaia for introducing me to this brand!

  5. Was in NYC this past weekend and chatted with Edward - he is such a doll! The counter at Bergdorf's will ship anywhere in the US as far as I know. They are sooo nice! The new foundation is fantastic - the products are truly special.

  6. ModestyBrown, thank you very much! Will check this site for sure :).



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