Monday, August 16, 2010

Giorgio Armani Fall 2010 Maestro Eye Shadow Quad

The star of Armani's Night Viper collection for fall 2010 is this Maestro eye shadow quad. Like several other brands, the Giorgio Armani creative team chose a rich dark blue as the bait to catch our attention and tempt us with its subtle shimmer. What can I say? It works.

While this is no Guerlain, the much lighter weight of the compact and easier to digest price tag give Armani major points. The combination of of one stunning color and three accessible neutrals is very appealing. One can create several looks for day and evening, play and blend as desired. There's a little insert in the box with suggestions for four combinations. It's a great place to start, even if the one titles "smocky evening look" is most likely a misspelling.

 If you're familiar with these Maestro shadows you know how soft they are- any novice can blend them and enjoy working with these colors. As is the case with the other Maestro quads, they require a primer for best results (I didn't use one in the swatches) and a bit of brush maneuvering because the individual pans are very narrow. It's worth the hassle, though as the results are beautiful and the colors are so easy to wear.

Bottom Line: Poor Armani would have gotten a lot more attention if it weren't for Guerlain.

Giorgio Armani Fall 2010 Maestro Eye Shadow Quad ($59) is available from Saks, Nordstrom and Barneys and directly from

All photos are mine.


  1. I already had the Guerlain palette, but took a look at the Armani just for comparison sake--there is none! For sheer luxury, sophisticated and well-coordinated colors, and the over-all excellent quality of the shadows, Guerlain is the clear winner. Armani does, however, offer a less expensive alternative. Not everyone is willing or able to shell out $84 for a Guerlain palette even though the price per item for the five eye shadows and one eyeliner works out to just $14 per item (Armani is $14.75 per item, but there are two less items). Judged on it's own merits, there's nothing wrong with the Armani palette. Guerlain just happened to knock it out of the ball park this year.

  2. oh, i wish your review had come in a couple of days earlier. i had 15% off offer that expired on friday. :(

  3. This looks very nice but I'm still holding out for the Guerlain release!

  4. I got this palette and I love it! I will still look at Guerlain's but I am thrilled with this one!

  5. I still can't get this one here in Germany. I am even on a waiting-list, but GA did not deliver any items of the Fall Collection to the stores yet.

    I have been calling the SA in store for 6 weeks now, they know me ;-) It's a sahme though! To make a LE does not mean to not sell it at all!

  6. Well finally I got the palette and have been wearing it ever since. Mostly the blue tone, and also the dark brown hwich is a really strange hue between plum and dark brown, depending on the light.
    The Guerlain palettes you showed are also really tempting for any palette-addict but I confess I rather get myself two Armani for that price.


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