Saturday, August 07, 2010

Weekly Roundup- It's August!

We're in the homestretch of summer, which is not all that thrilling except for the gorgeousness of fall collections. My friends and I have been happily testing and swatching- you know, so you don't have to.

Charlstongirl and I played with Armani's Night Viper Collection for Fall 2010. Charlestongirl swatched the collection at Saks with Loyd Cassler, her Armani buddy. You can see the new eye shadows, cheeks, and mascara at Best Things in Beauty. At readers' requests I started with the Rouge d'Armani lipsticks. Stay tune next week for the the eye shadow quad and the mascara.

Kari gave us her take on Plaid Gone Mad - the new Burberry Beauty collection - and described her quest to get her hands it. You'll enjoy her story at Fab over Forty. My local Nordstrom is finally getting the line this week. I'm so there.

Kelly discovered the fabulousness of Tarte's Beauty in a Box: Bronze Smokey Eye collection. She rocks it at Gouldylox Reviews.

There's a hand sanitizer ingredient warning that you must read. Pamela has the 911 at Beauty Xposé. It makes my head spin.

I absolutely love lavender. Kristen at Beauty Addict suggested five de-stressors you might enjoy after a long work week. I've been eying my lavender plants and plotting various ways to use them.

Is "greige" the new taupe? See what Amy thinks at Café Makeup. Then vote!

Find out at Beauty Info Zone Blog how Jane Iredale helped Marcia reinvent her life.

Lianne showed us the eye-catching Nars Fall Collection featuring Daphne Guinness, model and Nars muse, at The Makeup Girl. I'm still not sold on the single shadows, but I promise to show my own picks in a few days. I've been all about the new blush for the last couple of weeks.

Sephora has a new mobile site, which means we can shop on the go. I'm thrilled and so is Amber at Beauty Junkies Unite who may be one of the first (and best) mobile customers. Let's hope Bergdorf follows suit. And can someone please forward this post to the Powers That Be at Henri Bendel?

Enjoy your weekend and stay beautiful!


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  1. In addition to lavender, reading The Non-Blonde is one of my favorite destressors! And a spritz of Nicolai pour Homme before bed work is just about perfect.

    I am leery of all those anti-bacterials and anti-fungals. Surely, simple hand washing it the best. But I do keep a box of alcohol swabs at home (the kind that's used to swab the skin before an injection). I don't like the alcohol gels, which get under my fingernails and turn green. The swabs are cheap, seem cleaner and are easily portable. -- nozknoz


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