Monday, August 16, 2010

Robert Piguet- Futur (2009 Version)

The 2009 relaunch of Futur, a Robert Piguet classic from the 1960s (no idea why it's listed as a 1974 release on Basenotes), smells modern but with decidedly vintage roots. The dry woods are smooth and just a bit peppery and the scent is very gender-neutral. There are no flirtatious frills in its floral heart and there's no sweetness whatsoever. What you do get is a lot of crisp notes and galbanum to thrill lovers of green perfumes.

There's quite a bit going on there- a hint of chypre (though only a smidgen. Blame IFRA) reminiscent of Vent Vert in its glory days, a very soapy jasmine and some galbanum to show us Futur hails from the same house as Bandit. But while Bandit is a creature of the night, haunted by demons, fetishes and unspoken secrets, Futur is a young and innocent sibling that never forgets to wash behind its ears.

Futur might be the easiest perfume to wear in the modern Piguet line. It's effortless, elegant and clean in the best possible way. I wish it were stronger and more assertive, but maybe the lack of aggressiveness is part of the charm. Dabbing from samples is not very satisfying, but whenever I spray from a tester it lasts quite a bit, so I hope there's a full bottle in my future.

Futur by Robert Piguet ($85, 1.7oz) is available at Henri Bendel and Neiman Marcus. I got a couple of samples at Bendel.

Futur ad from 1967
1960s Fashion ad

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  1. I have a bottle and can spray freely but it doesn't last more than 15 minutes on me. Shame.


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