Thursday, August 19, 2010

Edward Bess Forever Yours Ultra Sleek Lipstick

My constant companion these days is Edward Bess Ultra Sleek Lipstick in Forever Yours. This richly pigmented red based pink that is about one shade darker than my natural lip color offers full coverage, creamy texture and perfect finish that's just shiny enough without any actual shimmer. It stays put through a quick snack or a drink and always looks appropriate.

Forever Yours is half a shade darker and has a little more brown in the base than its closely-related sibling Night Romance. I'll show more photos of Night Romance next week, but for now here's a comparison swatch:

The Ultra Sleek lipstick range is small and carefully edited. There are only 13 colors, which seems a bit limited. But it actually shows Edward Bess' keen eye and perfectionism. Out of the 13, there are four colors I love and wear regularly. If I weren't addicted and obsessed with makeup and beauty blogging I could have (theoretically, of course) lived with just those four. That says a lot.

Bottom Line: Perfect.

Edward Bess Ultra Sleek Lipsticks ($32) are available exclusively from Bergdorf Goodman and I'd suggest (urge you, actually) to ignore the tiny color samples on Edward's website and check out my own reviews (more to come) as well as those by Sabrina on the Beauty Look Book and KarlaSugar.

All photos are mine.


  1. These are absolutely my favorite kinds of colors. I can't wait to check out these EB lipsticks!

  2. Wow, this lipstick is actually really, really pretty. Thanks so much for sharing! If you're looking for other beauty tips, make sure to check out Fit&FabLiving! Thanks!

  3. Although I usually favor lighter colors, I must admit that I am completely smitten by several of the darker shades in Edward Bess' line. Tender Love, in particular, is one of my favorites. Although it looks fairly dark in the tube, it goes on smooth, sleek, and natural. There's a subdued quality to EB's deeper colors that speaks of a polished elegance. The colors never shout, "Lipstick here!"

    The ladies at Bergdorf are always so helpful to those of us who must order from afar, but come September, we'll have our very own EB counter at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. I can hardly wait especially as I'm interested in testing his new foundation.

  4. I have this shade too and I love it. I love the fig scent too. I keep looking at Tender Love as well but Night Romance looks like it could be an option for me too! I look forward to your review of that colour.
    Jane x


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