Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aura Cacia Electric Aromatherapy Air Freshener (Bergamot & Orange, Lime &Grapefruit)

I've been buying Aura Cacia organic oils and the occasional body product for years now and always liked them, so when I stumbled upon their home scents I was happy to give them a try. I wanted a couple of electric air fresheners for areas I'd rather not put a reed diffuser, and the promise of aromatherapeutic scents lured me in, right with an ingredient list chock full of natural essential oils.

I chose Bergamot & Orange and Lime & Grapefruit and hurried home to plug them in. What a disappointment! While everything smells great if you shove the refills up your nose, the air fresheners have absolutely no throw and you just can't smell anything. I tried three different refills, so it's not likely a bad batch and also moved the gadgets from room to room and tested them in small closed spaces (both bathrooms). No luck and no scent. I'm sticking with reed diffusers. Thankfully the kittens have been good so far about not knocking them down, even if Giselle has been stealing reeds here and there to chase them around the house.

Bottom Line: Meh.

Aura Cacia Electric Aromatherapy Air Fresheners ($14.99, refills $6.99) are available at Whole Foods.


  1. and this is after they've had a chance to warm up? so disappointing.


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