Tuesday, August 24, 2010

High Maintenance Products

In my dressing room in front of the mirror there's only room for one diva and it shouldn't be any of the products and item I'm using. One of my biggest makeup pet peeves are finicky products that require extra work and special accessories or conditions to function. This list includes:

  • Nail polish colors or brands that do not work with most common base or top coats
  • Foundations that refuse to cooperate with my favorite stippling brushes
  • Primers that hate my foundation and show through,
     and the worst-
  • Eye shadows and other products that leave so much fall out of glitter or pigment you can't leave the house without a serious cleanup job.

I'm sure there are other high maintenance products I'm forgetting. What annoys you?

Photo by John Rawlings for Vogue, March 1943


  1. You have mentioned this before, but it's valid again here--shampoo and conditioner that look (almost) exactly the same and thus require being placed in separate and distinct spots in the shower. Grrrrr!

  2. Lipstick that keeps getting on your teeth! :(

  3. Lipsticks that feather or fade in the middle of the lips.

    Mascaras and eyeliners that smudge.

  4. Mascaras - and price seems not to matter - that begin flaking almost immediately after applied. Looking in the mirror my cheeks look like I just finished cleaning out a chimney. Any product recommendations would be most appreciated!

  5. mascaras that are impossibly difficult to use -for instance they clump lashes together so I have to spend forever with a lash comb or needle trying to separate gooey lashes. it's the worst since mascara goes on last of all my makeup, i can't just take it off and start all over grr! I also hate foundations that slide everywhere and leave white smudge marks after only an hour of wear!

  6. Treatment (moisturizers or eye creams, especially) that require that you have an engineering degree to use or, Heavens, even to open the blasted jar. Lots of silly application gimmicks drive me nuts!

  7. I really hate lipstick that dries out my lips, liquid liner that requires more than one coat and loose pigment products in general(i'm just too much of a klutz for them)

  8. Loose pigments (collecting the pretty colours I can see, but using them? How?) and Chanel cake eyeliner. With just a damp brush it turns into the blackest, most graphic stuff I've ever seen and would look fabulous if I wasn't so scared of it that my hand shakes uncontrollably every time I use it!

  9. Most annoying? I would say the "perfect blush" in Ulta or Sephora and you get it home and you are like "Really" what was I thinking? All that excitement and complete Fail! ALSO when my eyeliner fades through the day and doubles on my cease. Lovely....


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