Thursday, August 05, 2010

Giorgio Armani Fall 2010 Rouge d'Armani Lipsticks (Soft Pink, Black Purple, Deep Ruby)

My planned post for today was supposed to be about Nars fall collection, especially the new blush. But I'm getting so many urgent emails requesting swatches of the new Rouge d'Armani lipsticks, because as usual, there are no testers at the Armani counters, even though the products are already available for sale. I have no idea what's up with that. You'd think this is some obscure brand that is having a hard time keeping up and not a major line owned by L'Oreal. Then again, YSL is also notorious for not having testers for weeks.

So here we are. I've barely tested these lipsticks, but they all seem to be just like the rest of the Rouge d'Armani range- pigmented, easy to apply even without a brush thanks to amazing gel-like texture and very long lasting. I've cleaned up after swatching using a makeup remover, but I can still see a bit of color on my arm, so as soon as I post this I'm going to do some serious washing up.

The names don't make much sense. Soft Pink (602) is a rich reddish pink, Black Purple (603) is a red berry and Deep Ruby (604) is very very purple. Everyone wanted to know how dark 604 is. The answer is: very. It's a dramatic evening color, but still wearable as long as you stick to the usual rules: well-groomed lips, pale and flawless skin without a hint of bronzer, well defined but understated eyes.

For comparison, I also added a swatch of Rouge d'Armani 601, the original plum color. As you can see, the new fall colors are different enough from it. Did you already buy any of them? Are you going to?

Fall 2010 Rouge d'Armani Lipsticks ($30 each) are available at top department stores and from the company's website.

All photos are mine. Let's keep it this way.


  1. Wow, 604 looks very violet, my favorite is 602, order few days ago 505 on line, hope it will be the color that i'll like :).

  2. All of these colours really grab me. I don't own any Armani, I don't really know why others than the fact they have a limited number of counters here.

    I think I'd probably go for 602 or 603. Thank you so much for the swatches.

  3. Not the first time Armani names made no sense. It's a strange pattern.


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