Monday, August 16, 2010

Polished In The 'Burbs

The other day I was sorting my makeup brushes, mentally going over what I need for upcoming travel. The result was a quick visit to Ulta. The store is five minutes from my house, right next to Whole Foods. Nothing like getting your Urban Decay primer and organic broccoli in the same outing. I found the brushes I needed from Smashbox- not exactly Chanel, but efficient enough. Then it was time to look around. I wanted to see Urban Decay's Naked Palette, just to confirm that I didn't need it. They had the palettes in stock, but no tester. A well-meaning SA showed me the single eye shadows that also appear in the palette. They're ok, but the amount of shimmer and shine is not my thing, and I have so many nicer neutrals, so it was easy to move on.

The thing I love best about Ulta is the huge selection of nail polish. Essie, OPI and the occasional China Glaze among many others. I wanted a good look at the Swiss collection, which is really beautiful. The problem is that I'm not really a nail polish collector. I buy them, I wear them and I stare at the pretty colors, but my version of OCD doesn't include a burning need to own every special release and limited edition if I already have enough version of the colors in question. OPI's Swiss collection is beautiful. The jewel tones, the reds, the cremes and shimmers- all are gorgeous and I could get lost in the blue shades. But I don't really wear blue polish, I have enough reds already and as much as I loved the pale gold glitter of Glitzerland it was just too much. Instead, I went back to the Hong Kong collection (spring/summer 2010) and picked Meet Me On The Star Ferry, a shimmery medium purple that won my heart right away. I don't know why I skipped this collection when it first came out, but Meet Me On The Star Ferry is a great color for transition  into fall. Swatches and review coming soon.

Next was Essie. The fall collection really hit the spot for me and I love the packages of four minis.This season's set includes Merino Cool (taupe/mauve), Limited Addiction (dark blood red), Little Brown Dress (espresso coffee) and Sew Psyched (sage? celadon? smoky jade?). I also picked a full size bottle of In stitches, the kind of dark rose I love. It's not that Essie has reinvented the wheel here or anything, but the colors are beautiful, wearable and I don't own too many similar shades. Officially this collection isn't supposed to be out until September, but it's already available online from Nordstrom and obviously Ulta in Paramus has it.

A shopping report from NYC will have to wait another day or so. There's quite a bit to talk about, from the new By Killian (MiN New York on Crosby street already got the tester) to a fashion designer on Elizabeth street that makes Joan Holloway worthy dresses. Stay tuned.

Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1942,


  1. SO excited to hear about the new By Killian scent!

  2. I'm also excited to read your review on the new Kilian perfume.



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