Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NARS Blush Douceur Fall 2010 Limited Edition

Nars Fall 2010 collection is stunning. There's no arguing about that. The eye colors are bold and each one of them can and should be the focal point of a full makeup look. I passed on the lip colors despite their gorgeousness because Nars lipsticks are too dry for me. But I was most curious about the new limited edition blush, Douceur, because the texture is so soft and sheer, and it lacks the gold shimmer found in most Nars blushes.  The question was: would it be too light to show up on my skin?

Some bloggers recommended Douceur for light skin tones and they're mostly right- if you're very tan or dark there's a good chance this blush wouldn't work for you, even when layered heavily. But my medium-pale olive skin actually loves this color because it's visible but looks very natural. I don't need to build the intensity or use a super thick brush. One swipe is all it takes for an easy effortless look.

The swatches show you just how compatible Douceur and I are. I swatched with a regular Chanel blush brush and only swiped once, just as I would do on my face. You can see that awful mosquito bite I got the other day right on my wrist (it hurts like you wouldn't believe), and the blush color is just a natural extension of the shade I get when bitten. Not a recommended method for testing makeup, but it works. You can also see that the NARS imprint in the compact fades as soon you swipe your brush over it. I started using it right away, without taking pictures first, so by the time I got to photograph the blush it was almost gone.

Bottom Line: I hope they reconsider the limited edition thing. I want Douceur in the permanent line.

NARS Douceur Blush ($26) for Fall 2010 is available from most decent department stores, Sephora and narscosmetics.com.

Photos and swollen wrist are all mine.


  1. Thanks for highlighting your mosquito bite! It made my day!!! We shouldn't take ourselves so seriously, should we? ;-)

  2. I just bought this blush (the sales person said I must get it ;D) and it really is lovely! Very natural and easy color to use.

    Nea/ Fashioned in Finland


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