Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Is This What We do Now?

Maybe I'm showing my age. Maybe I'm a prude and have lost my sense of humor. But is this really how we sell lip gloss now? I don't know about anyone else, but I just want to feel pretty when I buy and wear makeup.

And don't even get me started on the barely single use sample size. It's not Sephora's fault and they're being more than generous with their VIB and Beauty Insiders perks, but do brands (Buxom by Bare Escentuals and Urban Decay in this case) really think a smeared foil is enough to make us run and buy their glosses? When I'm testing something I like to give it at least 2-3 tries. In the case of lip gloss one usually needs to reapply after a couple of hours, so if the original sample is already gone I will just reach for whatever else is in my bag, and forget all about these ridiculous samples.

Photo by me.


  1. I think the UD glosses are ridiculous, the men go from clothed to nearly nude - I think it's a hologram. As a married 26 year old woman I wouldn't want to pull that out of my purse, so I guess they are going for a market that can't even really afford the $15+ gloss?

  2. I totally agree. These samples are ridiculous. I'd only get one use out of them, not even that with my mouth.
    And I'm with Jeweled Thumb. I'm a 26 year old married professional. I am so offended by those UD lip glosses. I don't find them humorous at all. Have you read their descriptions for each "piece of meat", really tasteless. The Buxom glosses are "risque" but at least the packaging isn't so obviously tacky. But, I still wouldn't pull out a gloss at my job that says "buxom".
    And I don't know who they're marketed to. I agree that the price tag puts some people off. But, I don't know the "age" they're going for. I have teenage sisters who feel the same way about the glosses. They said "who wants a lip gloss that you can't apply at school?" Talking about the UD.

  3. I think UD's advertising is just an outgrowth of the lamentable trend of marketing ever and ever younger girls as sex objects (Toddlers in Tiarras anyone?) It's a sad comment on the direction in which advertising has headed and an even sadder comment on the continuing objectification of girls and women in the media. The early women's lib movement made some huge advancements in the perception of women as individuals, but some of that hard won ground is being eroded by the image of salacious hipness that is being marketed to our daughters and, in my case, grand daughters. And, after 38 years working in a large urban school district, I know that there are plenty of "young ladies" who embrace such in-your-face smut as a sign of their independence and maturity. Sad, really. So very, very sad.

  4. Gaia - lol. You said it perfectly. You're definitely not a prude for stating your opinion about those so-called samples and packaging.

    I am embarrassed just looking at those glosses.

    UD is one of those brands where I think they have some great quality products, but the packaging just sucks or they ruin a great color with glitter.

    I was shocked that I loved their Naked palette because I didn't like any of their previous palette packaging.

  5. oh I totally agree, I am disgusted by the UD "pocket rocket" lipglosses with naked men on them. do they really think I want to pull that out of my purse and use it in public? even if I was in high school I wouldn't! (I'm 27 btw). I want to feel classy, sophisticated and pretty when I put on my makeup. not to mention a lot of us put on makeup in the work place so it needs to look professional too! their packaging is so immature.

  6. Haha, yeah. Slut glosses. ;)

    I agree that those samples are completely pointless. I usually try to get perfume samples from Sephora as the makeup samples are never feature enough product to matter.

  7. I agree with you completely. Not only is the sample size crap but the packaging is terribly tacky. What upsets me the most is that girls will buy it and rave about how 'cute' it is yada yada. This is a sad commentary on today. As a 19 year old female I suppose I'm the target customer but I would never in my right mind buy something so awful.


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