Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ayala Moriel- Ayalitta

Some summer days feel like the embodiment of childhood. Not necessarily a specific person's childhood, just the  general idea of carefree days stretching endlessly, playing outdoors at all hours and eating lemon popsicles. Ayala Moriel composed Ayalitta as a reminder of child-like innocence, but this is not your typical "young" perfume. Far from it, actually. Ayalitta is a chypre, all oakmoss and green galbanum, with a dry-down that is fully grown up.

The overall impression is very green. The herbal notes have a surprising tartness that captures your attention from the start and never fully leaves the skin. It goes well with the neroli and feels very uplifting and optimistic. Soon it morphs into a fully developed chypre with all the depth and character one desires. The scent moves through its development smoothly like a green forest nymph, bare feet on mossy ground. At some point, before Ayalitta dissipates, there's a hint of a more carnal element, a touch of sticky sweaty skin, and then it's gone, leaving you guessing.

The sillage and lasting time are among the more persistent of Ayala's perfumes. Then again, green notes usually stay with me longer than I expect. The remnants of Ayalitta on my pillow welcome me back the next day. What's left on fabric is a bit cleaner than the way it feels on skin- maybe it's the coolness of sage. It also works well on cold winter days. There's something about crisp chypres that make them come alive in a different and wonderful way.

Ayalitta by Ayala Moriel Parfums ($120, 10ml parfum oil) and various sample sets are available from ayalamoriel.com

Art: Young Lady With Gloves by Tamara de Lempicka, 1930

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