Monday, August 09, 2010

J. Crew wants your bridesmaids to hate you

Aptly named the O'Hara gown, this embossed organza dress ($2200) is the best tool to make your bridesmaids weep, just as the J. Crew model is about to do in the photo.



  1. Oh jesus. No. I was in a wedding once that allowed the wedding party to wear whatever we liked, as long as the outfit was black. Everyone looked very sharp.

  2. Are they kidding with this dress? The color alone reminds me of baby poop and the you said...Sad...very very sad.

  3. wow, and the color is awful too. Little Mud Patch on the Prairie.

  4. This is like an oversized gauge of seersucker! And I agree that the foetid puddle shade doesn't do her any favours (or the old BF who said my eyes were that colour..).

  5. Good lord, no! Is there really anyone out there who thinks this poorly designed take on a prairie dress is lovely or chic? But then again, when you actually think about the totally absurd dresses many bridesmaids are forced to wear, this lamentable one would probably fit right in.

  6. Whoah... Are they thinking it will be a hit with the same super-hip-and-skinny chicks who love those big wonky glasses? It's an ironic thing, right?


    On the other hand, at least this model looks of age to marry. In my last J.Crew catalog most of the wedding models looked twelve. If that.

  7. I'm sorry- this is $2200? Really?

    If it looks this ghastly on a size zero what it is going to look like on someone who's a 12?

  8. Hahaha Jeweled Thumb - almost lost my coffee...Mud Patch on the Prairie!

    That's more cash than I spent on my wedding gown and, in my opinion, 100x's uglier.


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