Monday, August 23, 2010

Nars Rajasthan Duo Eye Shadow Fall 2010

It's pretty safe to say that Rajasthan, the midnight blue/metallic beige eye shadow duo, has proven to be the most irresistible item in the (very strong) Nars fall 2010 collection. Most brands have come up this season with a deep dark blue, but this one is unique enough to justify a purchase even if one already has a couple of the others.

At first I didn't think I'd wear both colors from this set at the same time. The beige looks darker in the compact than it is on skin, and while it's still not exactly a highlighter it's soft and neutral enough to be worn on the lid when I'm using the blue shade in the outer corners and along the lash line. My photos don't do justice to the depth and richness of the blackened midnight blue. It's absolutely gorgeous and can work both as a daytime eyeliner or for a super dramatic evening look. The shimmer is grownup, the texture satin-like, and while it's not as buttery as Guerlain or Shiseido, I think I prefer these Nars shadows to most Armani equivalents.

As with all Nars eye shadows, I find a primer necessary to keep the integrity and finish of the look. Used over my favorite base by Kanebo Sensai, Rajasthan stays put from morning to night and looks almost as fresh throughout the day.

Nars Rajasthan Duo Eye Shadow Fall 2010 ($32) is available from

All photos are mine.


  1. This is easily my favorite of all Fall releases. I haven't tried the UD Naked palette yet so till then this is my favorite shadow combo.

  2. How does the dark color compare to the Cleo eyeshadow duo? It looks a lot like the dark teal in that one.

  3. Lexi, I had a look at the UD Naked and wasn't too impressed. I mean, yes, neutrals are great and everything, but there's nothing all that unique about the palette other than the size and the number of easy to wear colors.

  4. Tara, it's much darker with a distinct charcoal undertones. It's closer to the cobalt blue in Brumes, but much prettier.

  5. I am wondering if I'm just swayed by the Naked palette hype. This is probably why I really try to stay away from MAC. I forgot to add that I like Rajasthan more than the Tzarine duo, sadly.

  6. just bought daphne, the neon purple single, from this collection, and love it. it's so easy to wear as a liner with the darker color from kalahari. his eyeshadows always do different things on skin than they do in the pan.



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