Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cle de Peau Beaute Anti Age Spot Serum

I have quite a few new skin care secrets and discoveries to share over the next couple of weeks. I'm seriously giddy about the effectiveness and overall fabulousness of the new products top companies have been releasing. Skin care has come a long way since the days of cold cream, and we're the ones who benefit from it.

Many of you have been following my quest to get rid of some unfortunate sun damage that took up residence on my face in the form of freckles, dark spots or whatever you want to call them. Cle de Peau labels it "Age Spot", and I don't really mind as long as their serum actually works. And it does. I've mentioned before that I saw some change about 10 days after I first started using the serum. I wasn't entirely sure, but certain areas like the top of my cheekbones seemed a little lighter, more clear maybe, and a recent light scar (roughhousing with a cat is dangerous) has faded and disappeared almost overnight. But you shouldn't draw any conclusions until a minimum of 6 weeks using this kind of products.

So here I am, more than eight weeks later and I was right about what I saw in early May. But the biggest change doesn't even require spending hours gazing at myself. I have two annoying spots on my left cheeks. They've took up residence there about five years ago and I've been going after them with lotions and potions for several years now. The spots used to be a lot darker and more obscene, and in the beginning almost touched each other. Both faded quite a bit since then, the lower one has shrunk somewhat and the distance between them gradually grew. That has always been one of my indicators that the creams and serums were doing at least something. Now, the lower one is nothing but a dot and the bigger one while certainly present and noticeable, is much lighter and can be mostly covered by heavy duty concealers and foundations.

The overall feel of my skin is supple, soft and moisturizers seem to be absorbed very effectively. It's not that I've become Snow White or anything, but my skin is brighter and happier. So am I.

Bottom Line 1: Worth each and every one of the pretty pennies it costs.
Bottom Line 2: Wear your sunblock. Seriously.

Cle de Peau Beaute Anti Age Spot Serum ($155, 1.3 oz) is available from top department stores and select Shiseido standalone boutiques.

Snow White:
Bonne Bell ad with Cheryl Tiegs- Glamour magazine, July 1968:


  1. I *have* been following this particular beauty quest with great interest as desire my best efforts at sun avoidance and religious sunblock application there are some signs of sun damage appearing on my face. Do you use this serum all over and find it has a generally beneficial effect, or do you use only in problem areas? What is your usual strategy with these types of lightening products? Targeted or all-over application?

  2. Daseind, I usually apply the lightening products all over the face to improve and even out the skin tone. I do it especially on summer when I want to make sure my skin doesn't get any color in case my sun screen wore out before I had a chance to reapply. Since the CdP serum is so expensive I'll probably resort to topical application ones fall is here.

  3. My skincare professionalist has been touting this serum for quiet some time now. So I finally made the plunge. Been using it day & night for the past week. Should I be seeing results shortly?

    My skin is normal and I am in my early 30s. I have some mold and freckles but pretty much take good care of my skin.

    Excited about this product. And I was wondering if should apply this before or after my toning lotion. I probably have to ask my skincare lady.


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