Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Le Metier de Beaute Radiance Powder Rouge- Echo

My first encounter with Le Metier de Beaute's Echo powder blush was several months ago when the uber-talented Dustin Lujan did my makeup at their Bergdorf Goodman counter and gave me a preview of some of the spring and summer colors. He made my face look naturally glowing, which was a welcome change for a dreary late winter day. After Dustin was done, I was surprised to see the blush he used. Echo looked mighty scary in the pan and much brighter and warmer than anything I'd usually pick. But the color blooming on my cheeks was actually delicate and pretty, so when Echo was finally back in stock I had to get it.

Like all Le Metier de Beaute makeup products, this powder blush is very finely milled and has a soft and blendable texture. The color is sheer when applied with a good brush and a light hand, but can be built if your skin tone is darker.

Echo is an interesting color. It's a very balanced pink/coral that at least on my skin doesn't look orange. The delicate golden shimmer adds warmth without looking shiny or glittery. I swatched using a tiny dense brush so the color would show better in the photos. A good face brush blends the blush better and gives more natural results.

Le Metier de Beaute Radiance Powder Rouge ($30) is available from Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. I bought mine online.

All photos are mine. I get super cranky if I find them on other websites.


  1. That looks really pretty, I'm quite into warmer toned blushers at the moment. I'll add that to my ever increasing Le Metier want list :)

  2. I have this and like it too, and I don't usually like very warm blushes either. I find it gives me a very pretty glow.

  3. Oh wow, that looks gorgeous!

  4. You are to cute!

  5. Could you tell me how close this compares to the peachy/peach shade in the Splendid Frost Kaleidoscope? Thanks!!

  6. Can you tell me please how Echo compares to the peachy/pink shade in the Le Cirque Kaleidoscope. They look quite similar online and I have Le Cirque already. Thanks!


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