Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Smashbox Lip Tech (Sangria, Peony, Maple)

If I remember correctly, I ordered the three Lip Tech colors from Smashbox minutes after I saw them in an email newsletter. The shades, the packaging, the applicator and the new formula were too appealing to pass. I don't have too many matte lipsticks because  dry textures rarely look good on me. But the promise of Vitamin E, emollients and a cushiony feel captured my attention.

Now, matte is matte and will never be really balmy or cushiony, but these Lip Tech are definitely comfortable and not drying, and as a result my lips look good when wearing them and there's no flaking or pooling in the natural lip texture. You still need to make sure your lips are in great condition- exfoliate, moisturize- the works. But that's always true, right?

Every Lip Tech pan comes with a silicone applicator hidden in an inside compartment in the compact. I absolutely love them- these tiny applicators are grab the perfect amount of color, glide and coat easily and keep everything nice and clean. You know I'm not a fan of fingers in my lip products, so this is the perfect solution and saves on toting around a lip brush. Why don't other brands have silicone applicators for lip color?  Actually, I'd buy them in packets of ten at the drugstore if they were available.

I got three of the four colors Smashbox offered. Sangria is a rosy plum, Peony is a warm brownish pink and Maple is very similar withe extra brown. You can see how close the last two really are in the swatches, and I can tell you that on my lips they look practically the same. Actually, since my lips are quite pigmented, in natural indoors light Sangria looks like a slightly darker and a bit more purple version of the other two- they are much more sheer than you'd think. Strong light helps to show the difference, though, and if your lips are pale you'll get the full effect.

Bottom Line: I really really like it.

Smashbox Lip Tech lipsticks ($24 each) are available from

All photos are mine.


  1. Ooh, these look great. I may have to get one if not just to try the silicon applicator. ;)

  2. Some super colors there, I can't wait to incorporate them with a few dresses I have waiting in the closet for a special occasion. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  3. I LOVE these - I have Sangria. I love it because they give you a long lasting stain, but aren't drying. another great one from Smashbox! I have the pictures of mine on my computer, but haven't gotten round to doing the post yet!x


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