Thursday, June 17, 2010

Julia Roberts For Photoshop

If I were Julia Roberts I'd be quite angry with Lancome for photoshopping the life out of my face. Seriously, what's the point in signing a mega-celebrity, paying her all this money for her pretty, real and popular face and then processing it to the point she's barely recognizable? By doing so Lancome lost all the warm fuzzies they've earned by recruiting the 43 year old Julia Roberts. What's the message they're sending us? And, by the way, even a 24 year old doesn't have a skin that looks made of plastic. If that's what Lancome is after they should have gotten Heidi Montag to be their face.


  1. We have in the UK (don't know if it's in the Sates) a Lancome advert for a face cream featuring Kate Winslett - but what's the point of using her when they've made her so unrecognisable? To me she looks like a strange alien with the thinnest, most elongated face possible, and so luminous that not a feature is really visible apart from unnaturally huge eyes. I really couldn't believe it was her, but they have printed her name on the page, so it must be! Bearing in mind the fact she was so angered a few years ago by photos of her which had been doctored for a magazine, I wonder that she agreed to this advert which so blatantly alters her appearance. Jillie

  2. I agree. It's like digital plastic surgery.

  3. I totally agree; the sad thing is I remember being a teenager and thinking that this type of advertisement
    (airbrushed/photo-shopped) is what good skin is supposed to look like. It's taken me over 10 years to figure out that pictures like this are NOT reality, not even close to reality!

  4. Right on, Gaia. Far too many times I've been flummoxed by a picture of a celebrity who has been photoshopped beyond recognition. I feel sorry for young, impressionable girls who feel they must compete with such dishonest and distorted images of beauty.

    Gizmodo, 5/20, had a great post that mocked celebrity beauty endorsements. It was titled, "People would kill for Adobe Photoshop Beauty Cream." It had a brief "add" and a picture of Madonna half photoshopped and half au natural.

  5. So glad I'm not the only one who saw this and went WTF just horrible

  6. ha ha! thank you for posting this!
    I mean, seriously- she has no pores.

    I am certain that with today's photographers and digital editors, it is possible to do a campaign where a woman has real skin and lines and looks incredible.

    not rocket science, folks.

  7. I see this sort of thing on magazine covers far too often: a celebrity photoshopped into looking as though she has the skin of a Barbie doll - that shiny, plastic look. I'll never understand why they do it; it's obvious as well as off-putting.

  8. it's really sad. and it's especially sad that it took me (and perhaps many of us) a long time to realize we weren't the only one's with real human skin. I seriously wonder what Julia thinks of this? My hub often tells me that what's sexy in a woman IS fine lines and wrinkles. I don't think he's lying to me to make me feel better. I think he's serious. Laugh lines and cute wrinkles about the eyes DO look fantastic. There is a time when they become too much and one simply looks old and weathered (LOL) but from about the early 30's to late 40's (depending on how lucky you are maybe even older) this is a really sexy time for women.
    photoshopping totally sux.


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